What I Did Today

Hello and welcome to my website which i coded all by myself. here you can learn what i did today.


Today I started my new website. I hope you will enjoy it. I will document everything I did in a day. Well today I woked up at 12:30pm but I pressed snooze on the alarm and slept till 1:30pm because I didn't feel like waking up. Then I came downstairs and ate a bun, a crunchie and a pie. Then I fed my guinea pig. Now I am sitting on my computer writing this. When I am finished this I am going to sit and watch some TV. I need some juice but I can't be bothered going to the shops so I might make some tea instead. I don't have anything in the house for supper so I will probably just eat some crisps and another crunchie. I want to do something today but it's getting a bit late now and I'm tired.